No Veggies For You …

No VeggiesI have the fussiest eater in my family. She’s now 18 and doesn’t eat a single vegetable. Every meal I offer her one or two veggies but now she has told me “you keep offering but it won’t change the fact that I hate vegetables!”

Brussel SproutsOne vegetable that I love is brussel sprouts, but if she finds broccoli has too strong of a taste / smell for her, then I haven’t even bothered cooking brussel sprouts for at least a decade…it would make her leave the room and all of my cooking would be for not.

Chef Gordon RamseyAt Christmas I was watching the Gordon Ramsey Christmas Special and to be honest I tuned in to see what string of colourful words he might put before the words Merry Christmas!! First of all what a kinder, gentler side of Chef Ramsay!! Secondly, his brussel sprouts recipe made me long for the vegetable. So, I threw caution to the wind and on a day other than Christmas dinner I made his recipe.

Gordon Ramsay's Brustle Sprouts with BaconAs I always do, I offered my teenager some of the brussel sprouts. I’m sure it was the bacon that intrigued her, but she tried some!! She liked them much to my surprise, and more importantly she has asked for them every week since!! So a huge thanks to Chef Ramsay and his brussel sprouts recipe, as well as for his Christmas special that showed a different side of him….

Gordon Ramsey With LambOn another note, my daughter won’t eat cute animals, beef, lamb or pork with the exception of bacon cause it’s so darn good!! But that is yet another story!!